Liyuan district

In the European context this project could be banal. It’s indeed an urban regeneration based on the existing building and road system. But in china it’s an exception. Speed, demography and a necessary improvement of the living standard are some of the reasons that lead to the destruction of the existing city center. Qingdao still possesses an interesting urban patrimony and fight as much as possible to control the process. In this context, our work consists in proposing a master planning that integrates the patrimonial matter. But more than a drawing, this project develop new tools of communication and legislation between the several administrative units that are involved, to make this project feasible and not only thinkable.

private mandate
status: in process
type: urban regeneration, historic district
data: 2011-2020, 130 000 m²
location: qingdao, china
team: wang, feng, jacquier, leroux, dan