Dengfeng, city of the famous Shaolin Temple, is located at the bottom of the Song Mount, one of the most sacred mountains in China. Although the emergency of the city regeneration is support by the touristic potential, the main issue is to find a reasonable urban mutation procedure. Indeed, if too many changes occur at the same time, the local government will not be able to control the qualities and coherence of each project. That why, we propose for the city regeneration an “acupuncture strategy”, inspire by the Chinese traditional medicine. We make the choice to develop only some key points. So, it becomes possible for this specific project to follow precise urban and architectural rules, in order to give an impulsion of quality for the city development.

mandate  government
status: project
type: diagnostic, urban regeneration
data: 2011, 60ha
location: denfeng, china
team: leroux, gowland, tongji university 


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