C.E.R.V / 4ème prix


Every driver is able to appreciate this vast edifice bordering the road. Massif, the center is in sight. It is this awareness of the contemporary need to be modest and respectful towards the environment but this does not mean that it should remain discreet and banal. It’s quite the contrary, is expressed without restraint. The bias in both ideological and constructive we drive to the development of mud. In its symbolic dimension, it is a tangible representation of ecological interest. In its technical dimension, of all major issues at once economic, climatic and contextual. The establishment of the belt of mud fits all these conditions because it is the nature of the materials and its implementation that appears the archaic genius: Packed the earth in a sufficient thickness to be enough stable and strong, the result is a logical chain. Thus reported the specific context of the area, we can both strive to eliminate the nuisance of the road, avoid the wind and make the best of a clear exposure to the south.

open competition
status: price 4e
type: architecture, road infrastructure
data: 2009, 3000 m²
location: nyon, suisse
team: jacquier, leroux