jiading historic district

This project is in a particular context because is located in one of 32 protected areas of Shanghai. The first stage of our thinking is to analyze the existing structure, close to the specificities of the place and avoid systematic thought that only focus on a reductive and fantasized Chinese urban fabric image yet rich in variation. We will refer to the internal structure of the area to propose an urban part following the old fabric without falling into a formal anachronistic mimicry. Thus, we retain the linear structure, rhythm, punctuation generators as part of the urban fabric. Our intervention also aims to scenes existing buildings by formatting a void wrapping around them. This public space creates sometimes alignments, sometimes accidental articulations, revealing by sequences the preserved parts, it is concluded by a planted park to fell, peacefully, the whole complex.

local government mandate
status: project
type: urban regeneration
data: 2009, 1,5ha
location: jiading, china
team: jacquier, leroux
collaboration : tongji university