ephemeral monument

We infiltrate our self in this cosmopolitan city by proposing an alternative at the contemporary lifestyle standardization, imposed by globalisation and make the choice to investigate on real by focussing on local history and human memory as basics component of human community. To extract the space of ruins as representative space of city mutations, we invite to think about another scale in the megalopolis. We take time to make a break in these destroying places symbol of perpetual evolution, last link between fresh past and close future. In these spaces exists a fascinating landscape composed with courtyard houses and small path mixed with giant heaps of fragments that open quantities of perspectives. Sometimes we can meet some resistance fighter that reproducing moves they have invariably made, but the scenery has change. In this changingShanghai, what are the way to preserve and to give a support to this thin link between old culture and future projection? We propose aPhoenixmonument as an allegory of this memory that fills each part of ruins. We choose the theatre as the archetype of the Chinese popular way of cultural expression. The day, it’s a receptacle of knowledge, it absorb memory, local history, emotions, contestations. It’s a meeting point between architects researchers, artists and population. At night it shine slowly and attract everyone how want to listen. It’s in this so particular temporality in the city that our monument find a place playing with this paradox of occupying a ground that is going to be empty. That’s why the monument had to move, following the evolution of the destruction process, appearing and disappearing in all over the city.

research project
status: published, exposed
type: research
data: 2007, 700m2
location: shanghai,china
team: jacquier, leroux