place bole

The question of public space, especially inChina, reveals political issues that express a way of thinking the organization of society and thus the fact of living together. The public space is alive, dynamic and spontaneous and must remain. So the transformation of the centralsquareofJiandingis of course based on an space analysis phase of the existing space but also predominately in terms of uses, to lose nothing of the spirit of this active site which is, unlike a lot of space with this scale, full of life. The intervention was simply to clarify the areas of activities to give them a more pronounced feature space in order to increase the reciprocal influence of the use and the space. Thus a quiet wooded area alongside a noisy skateboard separated by a row acting both like a protective wall and yet observatory, shamelessly revealing the objective of each user: to see and be seen…

local government mandate
status: project
type: public place
data: 2009, 2ha
location: jiading, china
team: jacquier, leroux, feng
collaboration : tongji university