thyssen tower

Imagining an iconic tower within the city ofDubaiis in itself a “Droste effect”.Dubaiborn from the desert,Dubaidrew strength from the riches of her territory to grow into the symbolic and powerful city she is today. IfDubaiis the contemporary city per se, she must continually project herself into the future in order to fight the hostility of her very much claimed for territory. An icon tower forDubaineeds not compete with an abundance of shapes and riches scattered across the skyline. Every new architectural folly is to doomed to be surpassed by another and as a result will lose itself in the urban décor. The matter at hand here is to seek the essence of cultural coherence and of an identity proper to the city.

international competition
status: project
type: urban icon
data: 2009, 1000m2
location: dubai
team: jacquier, leroux
collaboration :