tianzhushan tea house

The project is located in Anhui province, in one of the 5 sacred Taoist mountain of China. To define the new relation between this building and the surrounding nature, the project has been inspired by the typical Chinese painting. In this kind of painting, the building and the nature are not 2 separated system stick together, they are represented as an integrated whole where the architecture is not the main focusing point of the composition. It reproduces in a way the natural form and follows the general movement of the landscape. For this specific situation we develop this philosophy of vanishing. The strategy is to consider the building as the continuity of the existing topography so as to reduce his impact on the land. The building is bended by following the natural movement and defines as set of different faces that minimizes its size.

mandat,local gouvernement
status: realised
type: architecture, touristic infrastructure
data: 2009-2012, 1000 m², 3M €
location: anhui, chine
team: feng, jacquier, leroux