europan9 / 1er prix

There is no sustainable project without a collective subject, no sustainable attractivity without a recognizable and promising identity. It is by changing the cultural identity of a community that it becomes possible of speaking of a sustainable project. Our proposition embodies the expression of the convergence of forces towards a new cultural coherence, a common identity, whose ambition is to re-establish a healthy dialogue between man and his territory. By amplifying the conditions of the reality, these intertwined bands, paradoxically protected by the transportation hubs, recreate a sort of biotope that gives a visible urban image to the ecological preoccupations. If industrial production remains the stronghold of Moudon’s economy, it shouldn’t be rejected. On the contrary, it nourishes the project and may allow the emergence of a new process of densification of the existing territory and therefore to economies on natural land, or maybe even restore the natural character of the overly colonised territories. In this way, cohabitation is created between the inherent artificiality of man’s activities and the recreation of a natural milieu. Moudon will therefore no longer be an insignificant point on a random trajectory but a significant node on the trajectory of the contemporary nomad.

europan 9 competition
status: 1st price, study in process
type: urban regeneration
data: 2007-2013, 22 ha
location: moudon, switzerland
team: jacquier, leroux
collaboration: klomp